About Us

Nabla & Zibe

Thanks to two synergistic and complementary visions developed in similar yet conceptually opposed fields, Nabla and Zibe profoundly bind to one another in order to gradually gain a free and common way of expression. Far away from pre-established schemes, we flow among visual metaphors and dreamlike memories.


Owner / Illustrator / Creative Director
A graphic designer always doted of lateral thinking which enables her to develop an evident curiosity for visual and conceptual research. A visionary reality interacts with a more concrete way of thinking. Without this particular mixture, the creative process would be incomplete.


Owner / Illustrator / Painter
Right from the start of the year 1994 he gets close to graffitis exposed on the walls of Milano city. During the years early 2000, he begins socially interacting differently in the street. His sensitivity influences him to draw the “logo brand“ that portrays Gary Coleman, mostly known as Arnold from the notorious tv episodes Diff’rent Strokes. From then on, a long-lasting propaganda of stickers, posters and stencils is launched. As time flows by, he manages to come up with his own poetic language supported at the same time by a deeper impact in visual arts.


Urban Art Renaissance – 2015 @ Bussana Vecchia, IM

Dal Futurismo alla Street Art – 2016 @ Le Trottoir,Milan

Segmenti Urbani – 2017 @ Bussana Vecchia, IM

Mosh-Pit – 2017 @ Galo Art Gallery, Turin

Dal Futurismo alla Street Art – 2017 @ Riviera Golf Resort, Riccione

Overlays – 2017 @ Zanardi, Milan

Bridge – 2018 @ Palazzo Regione Lombardia, Milan

Overlays – 2018 @ Rob de Matt, Milan